Mixi — ну почему? This track is ideal for YouTube, social media videos as well as advertising and presentations. This is modern music with a contemporary future chill beat and chillstep groove. Suitable for happy and exciting moments, commercials projects involving the theme of freedom, youth, happiness, like traveling in a hippie van. Would also work perfectly for fashion shows, summer and beach party moods, elevator music, hotel and spa atmosphere background and more. This is very inspiring, uplifting and inspirational music with positive and optimistic mood.

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This is a positive tropical house pop music, full of fun and summer vibes. If you are a big fan of music, you might be surprised to learn how much it affects the brain and body. Avalspro — Когда студенты спят Avalspro.

This is very inspiring, uplifting and inspirational music with positive and optimistic mood. Good for advertising, commercial, Kickstarter, traveling videos, lifestyle and fashion visuals. Featuring hammond organ, electric piano, electric guitars, and percussion.

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Will perfectly suit for motivational presentations, corporate advertisements, travel vlogs, YouTube videos, or any other media projects looking for light, warm, happy and positive music.

The nucleus accumbens is the area of the brain responsible for an emotional reaction to music.

A beautiful cinematic piece featuring melancholic Asian style cello, optimistic piano and synth pads. Resembling Joe Hisaishi «Departures» soundtrack. A extrzvel, upbeat, fun, optimistic, fresh, carefree, bouncy, cheerful, joyful track.


Modern, energetic motivational dance pop music for the incredible projects. An atmospheric, dreamy and euphoric track in chillout trap genre with gentle corporate styled guitars, rich piano keys, cosmic synthesizers, angelic pads. Beautiful acoustic guitar melody, percussion section makes this track perfect background for a wide variety of applications.

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An electronic track with organic elements. Beautiful elegant orchestral classical piano track with hopeful mood. Good for promotional videos, музык stories, indie travel videos, movie trailers, film scores, TV ads, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, and more! A powerful and dynamic middle eastern track, featuring traditional ethnical instrumentation, like saz and driving rhythm section and percussion. Perfect for commercials, advertising, marketing, TV show, YouTube vlogs, travel shows, children videos, summer vacation and more.

Вы когда-нибудь просыпались среди ночи под звездным небом в Крымских горах? Useful in travel videos, Kickstarter and crowdfunding projects, slow motion and time-lapse visuals.

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Great for use in commercial, business presentations, advertising, Youtube videos, catchy slideshow, or as on-hold music. This is a fresh and modern corporate tune with pleasant, inspirational melody. After hearing even a short piece of music, people are more likely to interpret neutral facial expressions as either happy or sad, depending on what type of music they heard.

Perfect for relaxing moments, love and travels scenes, dreams and sunshine. Прокат Тур Снаряжения New!


Perfect background for commercials, advertising campaigns, documentaries, TV, YouTube, websites, presentations, promotions and more.

This gentle track can be perfect background music for any project like inspirational narration, travel video, catchy Youtube story, technology videos, innovate videos, education and other lovely media.

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Great usage in any kind of corporate and business presentations, kickstarter and crowdfunding campaigns, traveling and inspirational Youtube video shots. Perfect for TV nature documentaries, nature product advertising or as great background music for relaxation and wellness videos, slideshows, presentations or holiday video footage.

Inspirational, motivational and light background tune with beautiful and atmospheric melody. Mid-tempo synthpop track with good vibes. Первое выступление на фестивале — 3 вещи, которые надо знать.

Чтобы рассказать все про Крымские горы, их стихию и красоту, не хватит exrravel целой жизни. The human brain responds differently to sad music versus happy music.

Click on to download MP3 preview in needed length. Perfect choice for corporate videos, digital marketing, websites, tutorials, innovative projects, explainers, presentations, slideshows, YouTube.